Electrical Fire Danger

Portable Heaters

Okay are portable heaters deadly? No if used properly, but nobody hardly ever does and thus
they are a very dangerous due to the misuse of them.

They are okay to come on occasionally to provide some supplementary heat, so long as you aren’t overloading the electrical circuit.

You can also use portable heaters for providing heat for a room for a continuous run like an hour or more, so long as you have a dedicated circuit for it rated to handle the load of the heater.
For a heater rated at 1,800 watts I would recommend a 20 amp circuit installed and dedicated for that one heater alone.

Keep in mind at the end of the day it is not about just protecting a wire it is about protecting your house as well as your family. Arc Fault Breakers might seem expensive, but you can’t replace a house or a family member for the cost of a whole stack of Arc Fault breakers. 

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