South Carolina Cracking Down On Unlicensed Workers

I know that we all need to work and make a living and support our families that is why we all put up with what we do to make ends meet.
But we have laws in this state and many others to protect the trades and help ensure that people get a good job when they hire someone.


South Carolina started a long time ago when I was just a young man South Carolina started doing just that.

As I recall it was somewhere around the early 90’s they started out by requiring you to get a specialty card. This was just a first stage in the years to come.

I had one for years before they required you to have a license. So everyone lost their specialty cards since they were no longer doing that (with many of the jobs out there that is).

Many people were required then to get an actual license it was hard on many I am sure but it was for the best for all of us.

Now they are going and cracking down even further. The law has always read that you had to be registered with the SC LLR to engage in many trades.

But now they are going and cracking down on the workers out there that have no license and are engaging in the trades anyway.

Our family was doing some work for a assistant to the 13th Solicitor and they got around to talking about work and licensing.

The assistant let him know that not only were they aware, but had actually recently sent several people to prison for violating the laws of the state of South Carolina.

I feel sorry for the people that they ended up in prison, but at the same time everyone has had equal opportunity to get ready and get legally able to engage in whatever field they wished to do.

We spend lots of money abiding by the laws to engage in our trades and it is not fair to legit trades people to have to compete with those that do not care to follow the laws and regulations of our industry or our State.

I hope that as a home owner you will ensure that you choose licensed contractors to do your work; and I hope that the people out there that wish to engage in whatever trade will get the license and engage in good professional practices.

Whatever money you save by trying to get around the law will not be worth it when you end up in prison.